The Alumni Association is governed by an executive board of alumni volunteers who serve as a link between alumni and HCHC. Meeting bi-annually, the Council reviews budgets, sets long-term plans, and creates and approves the annual program plans for the Association. Members serve a two-year term, and the Council appoints its own executive officers. Membership on the Council is the highest level of volunteer service available in the Association. The Council consists of one clergy representative, one lay representative, and one alternate from each GOA Metropolis. Other jurisdictions who have alumni educated at HCHC are welcome to send one clergy representative, one lay representative, and one alternate as well.


  • President – Rev. Fr. Michael A. Gavrilos (HC ’08, SOT ’11), Metropolis of Pittsburgh
  • 1st Vice President – Nicholas Paleologos (HC ‘98 , SOT ‘01), Metropolis of Boston
  • 2nd Vice President – Rev. Fr. Nicholas Manuel (SOT ‘19), Metropolis of Pittsburgh
  • Treasurer – Rev. Fr. Michael Palamara (SOT ‘20), Direct Archdiocesan District
  • Secretary – Rev. Fr. Kyriakos Hambos (SOT ‘14) Metropolis of Atlanta
  • Past President – Rev. Fr. Panagiotis Boznos (SOT ‘13) Metropolis of Chicago


Direct Archdiocesan District:
Rev. Fr. Georgios Livaditis (HC ’06, SOT ’09)
Alexandra King (SOT ’19)

Metropolis of Atlanta:
Rev. Fr. Vasile Bitere (SOT ’04)

Metropolis of Boston:
Rev. Fr. Alex Orphanos (HC ’11 , SOT ’16)
Eleni Kalioras (HC ’14)

Metropolis of Chicago:
Rev. Fr. Athanasios Minetos (HC ’10, SOT ’12)
Alex Magdalinos (HC ’01, SOT ’04)

Metropolis of Denver:
Rev. Fr. Vasileios Flegas (SOT ’98)

Metropolis of Detroit:
Rev. Fr. Sotirios Roussakis (HC ’95, SOT ’98)
Presv. Ivey Tzetzis (HC ’14)

Metropolis of New Jersey:
Rev. Fr. Anastasios Kousoulas (SOT ’96)
Tom Papademetriou (HC ’88, SOT ’92)

Metropolis of Pittsburgh:
Rev. Fr. Demetrios Constantine (HC ’15, SOT ’18)
Theodore Cherpas (SOT ’14)

Metropolis of San Francisco:
Rev. Fr. James Kumarelas (HC ’17, SOT ’20)

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