Stamatia Dova, PhD

Professor and Director, Classics and Greek Studies

  • BA: Aristotelion University, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • MA: Boston College
  • PhD: Harvard University

Stamatia Dova joined the department of Greek Studies in 2003. She teaches and publishes on Homeric epic, the concept of the hero in ancient Greek civilization, ancient and modern Greek language pedagogy, and reception studies. Her books include Greek Heroes in and out of Hades (Lexington Books, 2012), and Historical Poetics in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Greece: Essays in Honor of Lily Macrakis (editor, Center for Hellenic Studies, 2012). She is currently working on a book entitled The Poetics of Failure in Ancient Greece and on several research projects on reception studies (Homer in St. Basil, Imperial Objects in Kazantzakis). Professor Dova is also the director of the Kallinikeion Institute at Hellenic College Holy Cross and the Associate in Hellenic Literature and Language at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C.