Noun: a person who supports or defends a cause
Verb: to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by reason


Monthly recurring contributions strengthen the only Orthodox school of higher learning in the Archdiocese and help us to prepare clergy and lay leaders capable of meeting the evolving needs of our faithful.

Monthly donors believe so deeply in our work that they have decided to donate monthly. We ask you to consider becoming one of these exceptional monthly donors. One of the biggest things we depend on as a nonprofit is your consistent support so that we can continue to educate and equip those who strengthen Orthodox communities and transform lives — now and forever!

By becoming a monthly donor, you are strengthening and advancing our Church, and making a difference in the world.

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As a Monthly Donor, you will Enjoy

  • Tailored to you! With small payments spread out month to month, becoming a monthly donor can fit any budget. Even small amounts can make a big impact!
  • Hassle-free monthly donations! Your donation occurs automatically each month. You can change the amount or cancel at any time.
  • Impact all year long! Monthly donors make a difference every day with reliable, ongoing donations.
  • An annual statement is provided for tax purposes.
  • You may make your monthly donation by credit card or from a checking account

It’s Easy to Sign Up!

  • Scroll down to our secure online donation form.
  • Select your monthly donation amount. Any level will help recruit, educate, inspire, and equip students!
  • Provide the remainder of the required information.
  • Need help or have additional questions? We’re here to help.
    Email advancement@hchc.edu or call 617.850.1265

We are so grateful for your support and partnership! Preparing Christ-centered leaders for Church and society benefits us all.