Work Study Process

  1. Review the listing of Work Study Positions and select any of interest to you.
  2. Contact the hiring manager for that position regarding availability of hours and to schedule an interview.
  3. Once approved for a Work Study position, complete the Work Study Application and obtain approval signature from hiring manager.
  4. Complete all of the required hiring paperwork:
    a.Work Study Application
    b.W-4 2023 Form
    c. I-9 Form with supporting documentation
    d. Student Employment and Confidentiality Agreement
    e. MA M4 Form
    f. Direct Deposit Form
  5. Schedule an onboarding appointment with Human Resources:

Compensation and Time Sheets

All HCHC students’ earnings are deposited directly into the student’s bank account. Prepare and submit the Payroll Direct Deposit Form to Human Resources when you are notified you have been selected for a position.

All hours worked must be electronically reported using the ADP payroll portal.