Minor in Education

Hellenic College has had a long tradition of providing students the opportunity to enroll in courses within the discipline of Education. This commitment is rooted in the belief that the study of Education contributes significantly to students’ personal and professional development. A minor in Education includes the exploration of educational theories, the enhancement of presentation skills, and the development of written language ability.  In keeping with the mission of the college, each class in this minor also addresses the importance of social justice in education.  A minor in Education appeals both to students who are interested in pursuing a possible career in Education and those students interested in related fields such as Psychology and Religious Studies.

A Minor in Education provides students with greater insight into what is involved in a career in teaching at either the elementary or secondary level. This minor also raises awareness of the academic preparation needed  for a successful career in Education.

Kathleen Ryan, EdD

Director of the Minor in Education
Co-director of the Literature and History Program
Professor of Literature