Minor in Elementary Education

The Elementary Education program prepares teachers to be vital agents of change in classrooms, schools, and communities. Our graduates create transformative experiences that help young people to learn.

Elementary Education majors are held to the highest standards of teacher preparation as they engage in a combination of coursework and field experiences at three Boston public schools. Graduates gain key knowledge of current educational and scientific research, empathy for students, and the practical skills needed to succeed today.

Literature and History, two complementary fields of study, span the breadth and probe the depth of the human experience from the beginning of civilization to our own time. In tandem, Literature and History allow students to make sense of the world and the human experience, establish a sense of connection to their ancestors and contemporaries, and develop a capacity for perspective, empathy, and understanding.  The major curriculum helps students develop the skills of analysis, research, oral and written expression, and cultural literacy.  These transferable skills will serve students well regardless of their chosen career, as well as arm them with the tools to pursue graduate degrees in Literature, History, and related fields.

Dr. Kathleen Ryan and Dr. Nicholas Ganson
Co-Directors,  Literature and History Program

Kathleen Ryan, PhD

Associate Professor, Elementary Education