Minor in Philosophy

A Minor in Philosophy aligns with the Hellenic College mission in that it assists us in our goal of training spiritually and intellectually strong scholars and leaders capable of analytic rigor. By providing students with the space to struggle with perennial topics, students develop intellectual virtues necessary for growth in personal identity and dignity, as humans and as Christians who are called to answer the challenging questions of our time.

Philosophy as the science of the “love of wisdom” is based on the genuine human desire to discover a meaningful and flourishing life. Doing philosophy originates in our sense of wonder, leading to the examination of our life by widening our intellectual horizons and opening the human mind to not-yet explored dimensions of our existence. The goal of this work is to progress from wonder through examination to the attainment of the knowledge of the Truth.

Tone Svetelj, PhD

Director of the Minor in Philosophy
Interim Director of the Business Management Program
Instructor of Philosophy and Theology