Religious Studies

Religious Studies majors at Hellenic College learn about the Orthodox faith in a community of fellow Orthodox Christians living, studying, working, and worshiping together. They also learn to be sensitive to and conversant with major philosophical and theological positions in the study of religion. Through a broad survey of biblical studies, Christian theology, and religions, students come to appreciate their own Orthodox Christian faith intellectually and spiritually. Religious Studies provides students with critical thinking and writing skills while also preparing them with analytical and research skills. Many students continue on to graduate studies in religion or theology.

“The Religious Studies program serves students who desire to deepen their understanding of Eastern Orthodox Christianity through studies in Scripture, Orthodox Theology, Spirituality, World Religions, Missions, Philosophy, and Philanthropy. Students are challenged to expand their knowledge and deepen their faith, as well as to envision their vocational and professional paths.”

Timothy Patitsas, PhD

Interim Dean of Hellenic College
Director of the Religious Studies Program
Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics