This program provides a foundation for lifelong engagement, empathetically and critically, with theology and religion, which together laid the foundations of the contemporary west and which continue to be major drivers of human motivation, world events, and global social realities. Students attain religious literacy as they are exposed to the theology and history of Orthodox Christianity, and to its liturgical arts and scriptural tradition. In addition, students study practices related to sustaining and developing an Orthodox Christian community.

This course of study prepares students for either lay or ordained ministry, scholarly work in the academy, or careers which require a strong foundation in theology. 

The fathers said that death is not so much the separation of the soul from the body, as it is the separation of the soul from God. Here at Hellenic, we hold fast to that notion as well as the idea that humans are a composite creation of body and soul. Therefore, the Theology program at Hellenic College is interested in forming the whole person united with God, and thus attain eternal life.”

Rev. Fr. Demetrios Tonias, PhD

Director of Theology, Instructor of Theology