Kathleen Ryan, EdD

Director of the Minor in Education
Co-director of the Literature and History Program
Professor of Literature

  • BA: Boston College
  • MEd: Boston College
  • MA: University College Dublin
  • PhD: University of Massachusetts

Kathleen Ryan is a Professor and Co-Director of the Literature and History Department. She is also the Director of the Education Program, which offers a Minor in Education. Doctor Ryan joined the Hellenic College Faculty in 2004 with a wide range of experience in the fields of Literature and Literacy.

Doctor Ryan’s focus in her doctoral program at University of Massachusetts Lowell centered on the power of literature to transform both academic and personal lives. Her doctoral dissertation, entitled Rediscovering Rosenblatt: Infusing the Teaching of Fiction with Louise Rosenblatt’s Theory of Aesthetic Reading, highlights the critical intersection of theory and practice. Doctor Ryan’s presentations and publications focus on the importance of nurturing personal responses to literature. Her work at Hellenic College is shaped by a belief in the transformative power of teaching, language, and literature. She is committed to empowering Hellenic College students and raising their awareness of the potential that literature and education have to enhance both their own personal and professional lives and the lives of those whom they encounter. The classes Doctor Ryan teaches include: Children’s Literature, Literature of Vocation, American Literature, and Education of Children with Special Needs.