March 1, 2023


David Karle has just been named the winner of the fifth annual Hellenic College Humanities Paper Prize, which is awarded by the Literature and History program.  David’s paper, titled “Hand Me Down, Reform Me Not: The Divergent Paths of Eastern and Western Theology in the History of the Reformation,” was written in Fr. Demetrios Tonias’ Great Christian Thinkers course last spring. The paper was selected by the prize committee, consisting of Drs. Timothy Patitsas, Kathleen Ryan, and James Skedros, from a pool of outstanding submissions written in courses during the 2021-22 academic year.

David’s paper reflects upon the religious reformation of the West and discusses potential reasons for the lack of a reformation in the East. With a vivid use of language, he explores the multiple historical factors contributing to this asymmetrical experience within Christendom, arguing that the true root of the divergent paths lies within the importance of a teaching and tradition that is handed down rather than discovered through scriptural exegesis or scholasticism. 

David and his family are spending their first year on campus after moving from San Antonio, Texas, where they were members of St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church. After earning an associate’s degree in graphic design, David worked as a designer for 25 years. Once he completes his bachelor’s degree at Hellenic College, he plans to continue his studies at Holy Cross.