July 11, 2019

Dr. Mamalakis in Moscow for Russian Book Launch

Professor Mamalakis Russian Book Launch

Dr. Philip Mamalakis, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, recently completed a whirlwind visit to Moscow centered on the Russian publication of his latest work, Parenting Toward the Kingdom. “I wrote this book principally for the Church in the United States,“ he says, “so I am overwhelmed by the strong positive reception my work has received internationally.” The Greek translation of Parenting Toward the Kingdom debuted just last fall.

Nina Pereslegina of Dar Publishing House, the publishers of the Russian edition, warmly welcomed the large crowd at a special book launch event. Fr. Alexey Uminsky, author of the introduction to the Russian edition, thanked Dr. Mamalakis in his opening remarks. “Although I was initially skeptical, we see in this book a beautiful expression of our Faith. This will be of great benefit to Russian families.”

While in Moscow, Dr. Mamalakis offered lectures and presentations to hundreds of professionals and laypeople. At one lecture, Dr. Boris Bratus, a professor of psychology at Moscow State University and Chair of Psychology at the Russian Orthodox University, said, “We are honored to finally have Dr. Mamalakis with us and are thankful for his work in the area of psychology and theology.”

Copies of the book sold out at every event. Its primary translator, Dr. Irina Paert, a founder of St. John the Evangelist Orthodox School in Tallinn, Estonia, said, “We look forward to more of Dr. Mamalakis’ work being translated into Russian for pastors, professionals, and families.”

The English edition of Parenting Toward the Kingdom is available from Holy Cross Bookstore
(www.holycrossbookstore.com or 800-245-0599.)