December 13, 2019

Fr. Maximos Delivers Keynote Lecture at Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue

The V. Rev. Dr. Maximos Constas, Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, delivered the keynote lecture at the third annual Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue and Lecture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 13. Fr. Maximos, who also headlined last year’s gathering, chose as his topic “Understanding Icons.” 

In his talk, enhanced by many images, Fr. Maximos said, “Every icon is a means of spiritual encounter and dialogue…It shares in the holiness of the sacred figure whose likeness it bears. The icon is not a work of art but rather a work of witness that makes use of art.” To hear and see the whole of this highly illuminating and thought-provoking lecture, click here.

Joining Fr. Maximos in New Orleans were three seminarians from Holy Cross: Lukas Buhler, Elias Pappas, and Isaac Williams. As part of their experience, our students had the opportunity to engage in discussion with several Notre Dame seminarians.