July 29, 2020


In a letter to the Hellenic College Holy Cross community, President George M. Cantonis announced that, in light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the campus will not reopen for the fall semester and all courses will continue to be taught online. “This decision was not made lightly,” he stressed. “Administrators and staff spent countless hours exploring ways to reopen the campus. Although there were many obstacles, the bottom line always came back to ensuring the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Our plan is to reopen the campus for the spring semester 2021 and we will be working diligently to ensure that this occurs.”

President Cantonis went on to say, “Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to work to enhance the student experience, improve classes, and add additional academic offerings in major ways—regardless of whether we returned to campus or stayed online.” 

HCHC recently selected CANVAS learning management system to redesign how classes are presented and delivered. This new system will allow faculty to deliver courses in a seamless fashion and interact with students in a more holistic manner. By the start of classes on September 15, all faculty and students will have received training in the system.

Among the new academic offerings this fall will be two online courses taught by world-renowned Orthodox theologians Rev. Dr. George Parsenios and Dr. Wendy Larson. Another new offering will be a one-year Certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Leadership. This program is designed for those who have completed their bachelor’s degrees and offers them the opportunity to deepen their theological knowledge while developing hands-on ministry and leadership skills. 

In conclusion, President Cantonis expressed his conviction that HCHC “will emerge stronger as a college, seminary, school of theology, and community…Life will not be perfect, but by the power of the life-giving Cross, our faith in Jesus Christ will protect us and allow us to thrive. I look forward to collaborating with all of you and supporting you as we pursue our teaching mission energetically, imaginatively, and passionately in the face of one of the greatest challenges ever to confront our School, our Church, and our nation.”


Read the full letter here.