March 1, 2019

Hellenic College Expands Academic Services

In an ongoing effort to support students at all levels of ability, Hellenic College has just announced the expansion of the Beacon Program. Hellenic students who show academic promise despite lower GPA scores receive a host of academic support services from the program, including regular individual tutoring and active mentoring by faculty and advisors. The program originally provided support only to first-year students, but now is available to all undergraduates.

In the first year of participation in the program, students take three specialized courses in the first semester: Academic Writing I, Critical Thinking and Argumentation, and Eisodos/Foundations of Learning. They also take World History I and Fundamentals of Mathematics. In the second semester, they take two courses designed just for them–Academic Writing II and Introduction to Ethics–as well as Introduction to Orthodoxy, World History II, and Mathematical Inquiry. In the second year, the students take courses to fulfill their major and elective requirements, all the while followed closely by Beacon faculty and advisors.

Dr. Tone Svetelj is Coordinator of the Beacon Program and Lecturer of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Hellenic College. He says, “We want our students to have all the resources necessary to succeed academically and socially. This program provides the extra support some students need and empowers them to do their best, not only here but well after they graduate.”

For more information about the Beacon Program, contact Dr. Svetelj at or the HCHC Admissions Office at 617-850-1285.