February 10, 2022


For the first time in its fifty-year history, Hellenic College is offering an official minor in Philosophy, beginning this semester. “Many students have asked for such a minor to be created, and under the guidance of our new Vice President for Academic Affairs, we were able to design this program quickly,” stated Dr. Tone Svetelj, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and director of the new program. “As the world becomes a more complicated and confusing place, rigorous treatment of fundamental questions about meaning and responsibility is indispensable for this next generation of adults.”

Through this minor, undergraduate students grapple with mature questions about the nature of humanity while strengthening their analytical abilities and deepening their understanding of themselves and the contemporary world. Students also acquire skills of persuasion and argumentation and a more sophisticated understanding of ethics, preparing them to navigate the challenges of their careers and their service to society.

The new minor in Philosophy consists of five three-credit elective courses in Philosophy offered at Hellenic College, selected from among options such as Ancient Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity, Moral Philosophy and Religion, The Philosophy of Happiness, Existentialism, Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Education, and Literature and Ethics. 

“While Hellenic College offers many courses in philosophy, we also have agreements enabling cross-registration with Boston-area universities, so Hellenic undergraduates can find additional offerings there that will count toward this minor,” says Interim Dean Timothy Patitsas. “A minor in Philosophy makes any college major more serious, and signals to others that you have thought deeply about the possible repercussions implied in our attempts to make the world a better place.”