December 8, 2020


On October 29, 2020, Mr. Irakli Savas delivered to HCHC, through President George M. Cantonis, the sum of $300,000 for the establishment of an irrevocable fund to be known as the Savas Seminarian Assistance Fund. The purpose of the fund is to help seminarians in need with housing expenses and other costs that are not covered by scholarships. Mr. Savas feels strongly that “for those who will become the future leaders of the Orthodox Church, I–and all of us–should want to help make it easier for them financially with non-tuition needs while they are attending Holy Cross.” 

The idea for the fund arose when Mr. Savas learned that some students, especially those with families, have difficulty making ends meet during their years of study. He shared his concern and his desire to help with Fr. Michael Kouremetis, pastor of the Savas family’s longtime parish, Annunciation Church in Brockton, Massachusetts. 

As it happens, Fr. Michael himself had experienced some financial strain during his years of study for the priesthood, first at Hellenic College, from which he graduated in 1971, and later at Holy Cross, where he received his Master of Divinity degree in 1980. “I would work the night shift at a meatpacking plant and then go to class,” he recalls.

To qualify for assistance from the fund, a student must be enrolled in the graduate seminarian program, be in good academic standing and of good character, and of course demonstrate need. The committee responsible for disbursement decisions will be composed of the Dean of Students, the Dean of Holy Cross, and the Director of Financial Aid.

Hellenic College Holy Cross is profoundly grateful to Mr. Savas for his generosity in establishing the Savas Seminarian Assistance Fund.