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  • Fr. Maximos Delivers Keynote Lecture at Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue

    The V. Rev. Dr. Maximos Constas, Senior Research Scholar at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, delivered the keynote lecture at the third annual Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue and Lecture at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 13. Fr. Maximos, who also headlined last year's gathering, chose as his topic "Understanding Icons."  In his talk, enhanced by many images, Fr. Maximos said, "Every icon is a means of spiritual encounter and dialogue...It shares in the holiness of the sacred figure whose likeness it bears. The icon is not a work of art but rather a work of witness...

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  • Hellenic Students Launch Philanthropic Business Venture

    Four Hellenic College students have just launched a new business venture, Orama Watches, with an ambitious philanthropic aim. Demetrius Karathanos from Illinois, Nicholas Metropulos from Florida, Aleksandar Pavlovic from North Macedonia, and Alejandro Zendejas from Mexico may be a diverse group in terms of background, but they share a common vision about socially conscious entrepreneurship. In fact, orama is the Greek word for vision. This bright idea came to Nick, the team leader, at a dark time in his life, when he learned that his mother was terminally ill. He was suddenly aware that everyone has a finite time to...

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  • Catherine Holder Wins Academic Prize

    Catherine Holder, a Hellenic College senior from Centennial, Colorado, has been named the winner of the Hellenic College Humanities Paper Prize. The prize is awarded annually by the faculty of the Literature and History program. Catherine won the award for her outstanding work in two areas within the field of humanities, scholarship and creative writing, having written both a paper and a collection of poetry. Catherine's prize-winning paper, titled "Know Thyself: Mortality and Acceptance of Place as a Way to Self-Knowledge in The Iliad," was submitted for consideration by Dr. Stamatia Dova, Director of the Classics and Greek Studies program,...

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